A new external sata hardisk

ermm.. hi guys.. today im bought 160Gb sata hardisk... i think da price is too expensive cz last time i c da same brand (imation 2.5'' portable hardisk) less more rm40 compare to mine is rm0.2k(200 hinggit la :P). haha i hav no choice since im dunno way to lowyat (last time i ask muas for ways). malas act go to shopin :D...

i like da ext design... ultra slim design, got smart backup software inside also nice skin beside 3 year warranty ... great deal 4 nowadays life style ( ext hardisk pun nak stail ke :P)

Act, the reason i write dis post is to share my experience wif my new FAT hardisk...not to kempen my ext hardisk (dun misunderstand) .. Normaly a new hardisk will FAT's formatted by default, bcoz FAT file format can be read by almost all operating system like windows >2000, winxp,vista,mac ocx and so on.. but i prefer use NTFS :D.

another issue is my hardisk 160GB so i decided to create 3 partions 4 my ext hrdk, the reason is easy to maintain, clean, scan and fragmented. Some people dunno how to create da partition, n some people also dunno is it possible to create partition 4 their hardisk.. the answer is can...

For thoose expert on Operating System, they prefer use Partition software like Partition Magic to manage their hardisk ( correct me if im wrong ). But i prefer use Disk Management (by windows..)

On your desktop right click on My Computer--> Select Manage-->
In the tree view, select Storage -->Disk Management.

Make sure u choose a rite hardisk... u might loose yur data if u careless

Right click on the hardisk that you wish to format.
Create Partion -->Select Primary Partion-->Select the size of the partion(by default all space will formated) Choose the right format type. (Prefer NTFS for XP, Fat32 for others.) -->Finish.

wait for 1oo% disk formatted..

dats all guys...hopely can help for thoose ned guide formattin and create partition for their hardisk... any question do not hesitate to drop a comment

last published on Apr 18, 2008

Is a long time since im lazy to write..erm its hard to update my blog.. probably causes by a tight schedule and a new project wif languages dat im not so familiar.... ermm dot net technologies is one of languages im workin on rite nw... mybe after this i'll hav a little time to write since the project on end of phase...

dot net ---> asp.net , vb.net wif oracle10g