Farewell dinner for David and Walton

Yesterday, we went to One Utama for Farewell Dinner, Paranakan Place

Powercomp Software is the best ^^

 Big smile from Sai Kit and Eunice...PEACE.. Hei kel wat is u doin man? Kira hutang?

From left Mak, Eunice, Pei Yoong, Sean, Jean, Swee Keng, David, Walton, me myself, and Ruenn

 From the left, Me, Sai Kit, Yuan, Suresh, Khaw, Soo lin, and walton

From the right, Kel, Dicksion, Boon, Ding, Ms Wong, ms Leow, David and walton

Me and Walton

 David and Me




Bowlin time (^.^)v




Sape kata Programmer tak reti maen bowling....korang silap :P haahaha

We had a great time together, Chaiyokk!! we still have a lot thing to do at Powercomp. For David and walton, wish u luck with your new career. (^^)v


dilla said...

peranakan tu kt OU kan.. kt dpan my news cafe..

salu masuk my news cafe je :D

mrHan said...

yup kat OU :)